The first bit is behind us!

Last year on May the 5th, Gravity bits was launched to the public! Man, does time fly, especially when tabletop RPGs have never been more popular and when there couldn’t be any more content, in any shape and form, available!

My initial idea with Gravity bits was to be a website where I could post my own thought and my work regarding tabletop RPGs and other similar content.  Gravity bits was, and still is, a one-man operation. Couple that with a full time job, and my time spent on delivering content here has dwindled. This was to be expected. Making lore videos can be time-consuming, and as someone who never before tackled a project like this, it took (a lot) more time than planned. I wanted to post videos every ten days or so, but as soon as I missed one deadline, the lore videos were set on pause. 

The campaign diaries came and went, as did players, and that was something I didn’t have much control. 

It is raining outside as I am writing this, but all is not as gloom as it seems. The ideas I want for this channel (and various social media pages and channels) will continue! Maybe not on the schedule as initially planned, but there are in the works!

I plan to expand Gravity bits with a (for now) local podcast on RPGs,  a streamed game here and there, more news coverage, more reviews, more and unboxing!

But that’s not all! Monday’s drawings will continue on a regular basis, but now that I bought some digital drawing equipment, as well as a good scanner, I intend to post my work in digital form as well. 

My initial work in this field is the multilevel dungeon, The Specter Burrows, which can be found here.

With all of this planned, Gravity bits will stop to be a one-man operation, and several of friends which are artists and writers have been contacted to help Gravity bits expand. Were just waiting for the pandemic to pass.

And for support, we will look into options that include Patreon, Twitch and the like to help expand the community.


–  Zee

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