Mapmaking: “The Rift” world map

After licensing Inkarnate for the year, I wanted to see its capabilities on one of my own map. I’ve been tinkering with an idea of a continent close to a maelstrom, and came up with “Rift”.

I decided to use a hex-grid for the basis, and work my way adding and subtracting land afterwards to match the original drawing more. I may end up using the hex-grid later, or make hex-based maps in the future.

Anyway, the hex-grip and the land-only maps are below:

Rough drawing
Step 1: Hex-grid map
Step 2: Draw the land in detail
Finished map

Finally, the finished map looks like this. I’ve added the terrain colors, mountains, forests, lake and rivers, and marked the cities/settlements. 

This is by no means the polished version of this map, as it can always have more details, but for starters it’ very good, being done in a browser-based editor with no undo function.

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