Mapmaking: Using game level editors – Disciples II

Disciples II was, and still is one of my favorite Turn-Based strategy games. Released back in 2002, with three more expansions later on, I still haven’t finished the game campaign, even after all these years.

Even then, I was fascinated with the game’s maps, and that is one of the reasons I still keep coming back to this game. I even bought a Collector’s Edition hardbox from eBay a few years back. It was that good. Plus, I never liked the Heroes of Might and Magic style; this was more dark fantasy.

Dwarven Stronghold
Elven Forest

Anyway, the game comes with a level editor in which you can create your own scenarios, but I just created maps for the sake of maps.

Unfortunately, the maps are not HD and cannot be exported as images. Since they are isometric, only a portion of the map can be captured via PrintScreen.

Either way, the editor can be used for nice and colorful region maps. Oh yeah, and there is a random generator button to quickly populate your custom map!

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