Tyranny of Dragons re-release announced at SDCC!

To celebrate the five year anniversary of 5th edition, Wizards of The Coast announced at San Diego Comic-Con that they will be re-releasing the adventure modules “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” and “Rise of Tiamat” as a single adventure, named “Tyranny of Dragons”.

Tyranny of Dragons cover. Copyright WotC.

The original adventures were released on August and October 2014 respectively, and were the first modules for the 5th edition ruleset. Exactly five years later, on October 22nd 20219, WoTC will be releasing the updated and combined adventure.

The now iconic cover will be redesigned by hydro74, and features the five heads Tiamat, the Goddess of the Chromatic dragons.

As with all alternative covers, this edition will be available at local game stores only.


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