Campaign Diary: Strange Aeons – Session One, Part Three

After conversing with Winter, our heroes found out that they are trapped inside an asylum, and so far there is no way out. Through every door and window all anyone can see is a yellow mist, and it does not seem to be wise to enter it. On the top of that, a riot has begun within the asylum, led by a patient by the name of Ulver Zandalus. Kenaz and Torashtai agreed that there is probably a connection with the uprising and the otherworldly mist, as the two started at the same time.

From what they could tell through one of the broken windows, it seemed to be raining outside, and as night fell, it was getting cold in the chapel. Torashtai asked one of the survivors who had a worker’s uniform (successful insight check) is there a heating source, and was told that there is a furnace above the boiler room (where our heroes started), but he didn’t want to leave the chapel. The worker did, however, give Torashtai some tools and quick instructions how to fix the furnace to get the heated water pumping again.

Kenaz tried to talk to other people in the chapel, but most of them were frightened of her, even when Winter tried to assure them there is no reason to be afraid.

“Some prejudices never fade out.” Winter told Kenaz. “In Ustalav, even a gnome is a strange creature, not to mention something with scales and a tail. When I got here, people even looked at me strangely, and turned their gaze away. I’m afraid you will never get used to it.”

Kenaz noticed that Winter has one green and one yellow eye. “I just hope we will find our way out of here soon.”

“We must go beyond the barricade again.” Torashtai said. We’ll try to get the heat running again, so at least it won’t be cold in the chapel. And your guards said that there are more doppelgangers about. We’ll try to get them, or at least lure them here so your guys can take them out.”

“As you wish. But be careful, and return in one piece.” Winter replied.

Kenaz and Torashtai were now back in the B wing hallway and following the instructions of the worker, set out to find the furnace room.

“It was the second door on the left from the barricade, he said. This must be it.” Torashtai said.

“Wait! Listen, I hear some skittering from inside. Ready your weapon.” Kenaz replied, upon a successful perception check.

With their weapons drawn, they entered the furnace room and saw two giant rats, but they didn’t seem to be moving. The insides of one rat were spilled across the floor, and a trail of blood was leading behind a large furnace. There our heroes saw another rodent, or, something like a rodent, but it had tentacles on its face, and sharp spikes coming out of its back all the way to its long tail. It had three eyes, and its claws had six fingers on each foot.

Kenaz didn’t want to wait to see what this creature was, not while it was alive. After a couple of combat rounds, and one bite from the creature, it was dead. Torashtai cast cure wounds on the bite mark, and it seemed to healed. They found the valves to fix the furnace, and with the wrench they got from the worker, warm water will heat the chapel soon enough.

Additionally, Kenaz noticed some strange markings on the wall behind the furnace, written in blood.

“Hmm… it seems this creature wasn’t an ordinary rodent, or tentacle monster, or whatever it was. It was writing something on the wall.”

They saw, written in blood, some sort of circle with lines inside, and a symbol inside of it.

“Well, whatever it was trying to do, it won’t complete it.” Torashtai replied. “Come on, lets continue. I think I heard a voice on the far side of the hallway.”

To be continuted…

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