Campaign Diary: Strange Aeons – Session One, Part One

Last session, two of my players made their characters and backstories, and we started with the intro/prologue scene. Since The Tatterman basically killed them with one blow, they exchanged the “is he already killing the party?” look, but I have informed them that this was a soft of cinematic, and that they should trust me, which they did. After waking from the shared nightmare, whey found themselves in a cell with no equipment (a successful perception check from Torashtai, the Kalashtar Sorcerer made him see his equipment near the cells, seemingly intact). Both he and Kenaz, the White Dragonborn Ranger noticed that the man who woke them up was screaming on some sort of operating table, with a blue-skinned humanoid in a doctor’s uniform performing the “operation”. He kicked the creature, causing it to fall near Torashtai’s cell. He quickly saw a ring of keys loosely hanging on the creature’s belt, and managed to grab them while the creature tried to get up on its feet. Occupied with the uncooperative patient, the doppelganger didn’t notice then our PCs unlocked their cages and got their equipment (successful stealth checks certainly helped). By the time she was done with her patient, she was facing two fully-equipped would-be heroes, and didn’t stand much chance. With no more threats in sight, they summarized that they were in a cellar/boiler room, and decided to venture up.
Isometric map of the Briarstone Asylum Boiler room and Wing B

The quakes they experienced in the dream seemed to be real, as parts of the room lied in ruins, and with the all the dust in the air, the collapse must have been recent.
A foul stench was coming from a closed door, and Torashtai decided that he will be the one to check it out. After carefully opening the door, he noticed a pile of corpses in one corner of the room, which seemed to be dropped down a laundry shoot of some kind. The sight was to much for the Kalashtar, and all he could do for a couple of minutes is just crouch in a corner. Gaining composure, he called for the Dragonborn, and both of them managed to climb the pile and up the shoot, arriving in a small room with a glass window to the outside it seemed (they did not catch any disease by passing Constitution saves).

They initially thought they we outside this building, but tall walls from all sided changed their mind. They were in the courtyard, with one exit unavailable due to all the rubble. It was raining, but the rain was one moment cold, the other warm, and it was almost changing colors, from transparent, to a muddy brown, and to a sickly yellow.

They had no choice other than to go through the one remaining door to the west (or as the direction seemed to them). They found themselves in a long corridor when another quake almost knocked them off their feet. A crossbow bold landed near Kenaz’s tail, and a male voice shouted:

Halt! Men, ready your crossbows! It seems we have more shapeshifters here. Prepare to shoot on my mark!

Wait, we’re no shapeshifters! We were prisoners, and just killed one of those things on the boiler room downstairs!” Torashtai quickly replied, but he did not convince the human just yet.

Have you got any proof?” the human in charge of this group asked. “Bring me its head then, slowly. And this albino Lizard-men stays here. Men, do not lower your weapons, they might be deceiving us!

One eye still fixed on Kenaz, he ordered another guard to go to the other room.
Winter will know what you are, and what to do with you. I hope your companion returns soon.

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