Campaign Diary: Strange Aeons – Session Zero and Prologue

I wanted to start a new campaign last week, and gave my players a choice, a campaign pitch document. Everybody’s first choice was different, however on every list in the top three was the Pathfinder Adventure Path (AP) Strange Aeons, so I decided to run that.

I have two regular players, a third one that will be joining soon, and occasionally I would invite someone for a single session, or as a recurring character. 

Session Zero

I discussed with the two players that the tone of the Campaign was Lovecraftian, and that it was set in Golarion, the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, although we were playing 5e. We were used to Forgotten Realms, but ultimately decided to keep Golarion as the current setting, just to try something different.

One of my players opted to play a KalashtarDivine Soul Sorcerer, which could tie in nicely with the whole Dreamlands vibe from the AP. He chose to have some kind of prophecy backstory, which he cannot remember, and we will figure that out as we play, since the PCs start the AP with amnesia. The other player decided to play a White Dragonborn ranger, and her backstory was that as an egg, she was abducted and experimented on by some alien race (probably Mi-Go), and that she does not know if there are more of her kind in the world. Since Dragonborn are not native to Golarion, everybody that she meets thinks that she is an albino Lizard-folk or Serpent Person, and are very cautious around her. In our discussions we came up with the idea that Dragonborn themselves are an experiment by the Mi-Go.

Session Zero setup

In Search of Sanity – Prologue

The players found themselves in an unfamiliar narrow alleyway, where streets made of small stone hexagonal-shaped blocks and high walls surround them by each side. A yellow mist started to form from one side, engulfing the alleyway slowly, in a pulsating manner. They could see some vague forms in the mist, and hear faint footsteps closing in. They run to an opening, and they deducted that this once resembled a square with a fountain in the middle. They could hear a tremor in the distance as the yellow mist corners them, and a slim, misshapen humanoid creature covered in yellow bandages draws a knife and attacks the PCs. Although wearing a blindfold, it could somehow see the Torashtai, the Kalashtar Sorcerer, or rather see the Dreamlands spirit within. With a smile too big for a head that size, this creature grabbed the unfortunate PC and killed him with a single slice of his dagger. 

The Dragonborn stood in shock, as she watched this person, whom she faintly remembers, got sliced in half, and noticed the blood dripping from its torso almost spelled out the word “up”. She didn’t notice when the creature from the mists came after her until it was too late. She tried to jump on the fountain, but somehow the fountain moved and was just out of reach. The creature grabbed her by the tail, and with a single slash cut it, which made her fall to her feet. As her tail rolled beside her, she could see the word “wake” forming in the puddle of blood. As the Tatterman reached for the final blow, she could hear “Wake up, damn it!”  echoing from the square. She closed her eyes, awaiting certain doom. When she opened them, she found herself in a dark and damp cell, and now she could only hear the screams of an unfortunate soul outside, chained to a table and been “operated on” by a blue-skinned creature in, what to her looked like a doctor’s uniform.

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