One-Shot Recap: “A Starry Breach” Part One

After unsuccessfully scheduling the next session in our Strange Aeons Campaign, and only two players came to the next game, I decided to do a one-shot from the Prepared! 2 Book from Kobold Press. Since both players had little experience with mid- and high-level play, and didn’t have time to create their own characters, I had the time to make three pre-gens, letting them choose two, while I accompanied them with the third character.

I’ve recorded the session in order to better transcribe for these recaps. Perhaps I’ll insert an original dialogue or two, or some interesting quote/one-liner etc.

The Players: Kosta & Bunny
Map of Icewind Dale

Our tale begins at the Caer-Konig, located on the northern shore of Lac Dinneshere in Icewind Dale. Caer-Konig sits on the northeastern edge of Ten-Towns, the fishing settlements of Icewind Dale, with Kelvin’s Cairn Mountain overlooking them all, reminding the villagers that they’ve reached the northernmost inhabitable part of the Realms.

At The Northern Light Tavern, our heroes sit at a table, discussing the details of their mission. The White Dragonborn Ranger Kenaz has informed them that a tribe of early humans has been found two days north of Icewind Pass, and that the Lords’ Alliance has sent out an expedition, lead by a scholar named Quil, to the settlement to find our more. However, for more than a month now, there has been no word of the expedition, nor of Quil.

On the table, beside the Dragonborn, sit three people. A bald human wearing what it seems to be light orange and yellow robes and sandals is unaffected by the cold of Icewind Dale. When asked about his clothing, he replies that Selûne has blessed him, enabling him to tap into the spiritual light within, keeping him warm even in these harsh conditions. “This is the way of the Order of the Sun Souls” Kadeen the Monk says. The snow reminded him of the Anauroch Desert where his monastery laid. He would always keep his parchments and ink beside him, as well as his kama. Even scribes of the Order of the Sun Souls were trained in martial arts, and this was a foreign land to him.

Next to him in full red-and-silver chain mail with sits a young woman with unnatural bright eyes, which almost glow at times if looked at a certain angle. Her sword is placed to the nearby wall alongside her tower shield which bears the mark of the Red Knight, the Lady of Strategy. For as long as she could remember, Amie, a Paladin of the Crimson General was attending meetings of the clergy generals of the Red Knight, discussing tactics and strategies of war. With an uncanny gift for leadership, she had been tasked to rally the cause of patrolling the northern borders of The Sword Coast, but as the Wailing Death plague hit the city of Neverwinter, her services were needed beyond the borders of the Lords’ Alliance, and she was sent to Icewind Dale.

Lastly, a thin elven girl named Mathienne sat beside them, drinking ale that had a fishy aftertaste, but she didn’t mind. Her companions didn’t know, but she was of House Naïlo, an ancient elven house and one of the members of the Trader’s Guild. However, upon reaching adolescence, she has exhibited sorcerous magical powers which, more often than not, had some “side-effects”. After once such incident at the Market of Silverymoon, she was punished by her father Ailmon Naïlo to get her magic in check. Since then, Mathienne was wandering in the Silver Marches, searching for someone to help her control her powers. With Neverwinted sealed off, she travelled north and reached Icewind Dale, as there was less chance to set fire to something with all the cold and snow.

“It’s a two days ride to the settlements. Follow the Icewind Pass and you’ll see a sign left by the expedition. You have enough rations, although most of it is fish I’m afraid.” Kenaz the Dragonborn said.

“I don’t mind. I quite like it.” Mathienne responded.

“I have some business to take care of here in the meantime.“ Kenaz continued. ”There are rumors of the Uthgardt tribes moving, and I have to check up on the dwarves in the Mountain. They missed their last shipment of weapons to Bryn Shander.”

“Find out what’s been going on out there, and if possible, bring Quil back. His research in this newly found settlement can help explain the migrations of early humans in the North. Be safe”

The Sun rarely left the sky in Icewind Dale, but the cold winds suggested that it was dawn when our heroes started their journey. Amie held the horse’s reins, Mathienne made yet another fish sandwich while Kadeen looked back at the crystal clear waters of Lac Dinneshere, reflecting the aurora in the sky.

To be continued…

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