One-Shot Recap: “A Starry Breach” Part Three

Last we left of, our heroes – Amie, Kadeen, and Mathienne, arrived at the abandoned outpost and decided to “make some noise” to see if anyone was still there. At this time, all they could see were houses and cottages, some with doors shut, others with doors open, and snow everywhere on the ground covering any potential tracks, with some fishing holes in the middle of a frozen lake.

Upon inspecting the closest open house, our heroes deduced that no one was living here for at least a week. As Kadeen was the closest one to the door, he heard a noise coming from outside.

“What was that? Did you hear that noise” Kadeen asked the others. “Behind us, outside. A door just slapped! Fast! Let’s go there!”

They arrived to the next house to see a barricaded door, with recent tracks of snow being pushed to close the door.

“Ok, so there IS someone here.” Amie said. She tries to open the door, but finds someone or somethings holding it from the other side.

“You came for me. Why?” Quil asked peeping through the crack of the door. “Who sent you? I don’t believe you. Why are you here??”

“Kenaz sent us.” Amie replied.

“Kenaz? Kenaz! The Ranger! Ah, yes. Why would she sent you?”

“We came to help you. Can you open the door please?”

Quil’s eye start to jump from one adventurer to another before finally letting them in. “Okay, okay. Come in, yes, yes! Go, come!”

The jumpy voice belonged to a ragged, thin man who looks a lot older than he should be. He is all twitchy, and his hands are constantly wrapping around one another, and on occasion he is touching his leg.

“Does your leg hurt?” Amie asked.

“What? This? Yes, yes, I fell.”

Amie casts Lay on Hands on Quil’s leg, healing it.

“Ah, yes. Thank you Sir Knight. Err, Knight Lady.”

“Do you trust us now?”

“Yes, yes! Yes, good! It’s good that you’re here! Yes, good! Excellent even! Yes, I need help! You can help me, good!”

Regaining his strength, Quil starts to speak in a slightly calmer manner, excited even.

Kadeem walks towards Amie. “Amie, can you come here please? I would like to talk in private. I don’t really trust the elvish girl, she’s been too quiet this whole time.”

“Mathienne? Why her, I thought you were referring to Quil.”

“I don’t believe that high-born elves are exiled from their homeland without no reason.”

“Well, I bet there must be a good reason if the embarrassed her whole family.”

“And Kenaz, what kind of research did she wanted to find? Because I’m thinking… maybe she wanted to discover that path to another dimension, maybe that was the research she was seeking.”

“Come to think of it, this was a bit easy” Amie replied. “OK, first, I think we should feed Quil; after all, look at him.”

“Yes, of course…” Kadeen continued. “I’m just wondering why the three of us were sent here were, and should we investigate that cave or…”

“Yes, of course we should! Why not?” Amie asked in return.

“Ah, okay.” Kadeen reluctantly agreed.

They returned to the others to find Mathienne talking to Quil, sharing food.

“He suggests that we go to the cave after resting for a bit. I suppose it’s night time now, we can see the auroras outside.”

“Actually, I would need a rest after healing his leg.”

They close the door to keep them safe from the cold, and decide to take shifts during their rest, just in case. Kadeen took the first watch.

To be continued…

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