One-Shot Recap: “A Starry Breach” Part Two

Last time, we got to know our three would-be heroes who were tasked to investigate the expedition beyond Icewind Pass. The expedition was led by a scholar named Quil, but he hasn’t been reporting back for some time now. It’s a two day journey to the expedition site, and our heroes talk to each other to pass the time. Amie remembered from her history lessons with the Army of the Red Knight that there were almost no records of humans beyond Icewind Dale, and that only Orcs lived north of Spine of the World and the Endless Ice Sea. There may have been humans before the Orcs came to Toril, but no record, apart from this expedition, supports this claim.

After a day-and-a-half, the trees surrounding the road on the left and right became scarce, and all they could see was rock, snow, and ice.

“Will we have enough fire sources to keep us warm in these conditions? If we need some firewood I guess we should find some now.” Amie asked.

Mathienne looked in the cart and replied “Well, we do have firewood and torches.” She then caused her fingertips to light and continued “But if we need more fire, I can always provide some more.”

“Are you able to control that?” Amie asked with a worried face, and Kadeen added “I wouldn’t like to start a fire in the cart.”  

Mathienne looked at them both, retracted the flames from her fingertips and said: “Ok, ok, no fire in the cart.”

“In the cart, no, but if we need some, I hope you can control it.” Amie nodded to Mathienne, who turned to the rear of the cart.

“I can see why this one is exiled” Kadeen said to Amie, and took the horse straps as it was his turn to drive the cart.

The remainder of the journey was spent in silence, only the sound of the freezing wind and a faint animal’s howl could be heard. Keeping in track with the instructions Kenaz has told them, they have finally arrived at the outpost.


The outpost’s edifices and low walls are made from a combination of wood and ice. The simple gate at the southern edge is intact and open slightly. Around and throughout the ruins are holes in the frozen ground. There are no bodies, though even from a distance supply crates and loaded sleds can be seen between the abandoned buildings. A thick layer of snow blankets the outpost.

“Seems like no one’s home…” Amie said as she was scouting the area around the outpost.

“What do we do now? What do you suggest? Should we go with the cart of should we leave it here” Mathienne asked.

“Do we have something in the cart that we need?” Kadeem added.

“Torched and a medicine kit. But we can carry that in our backpacks.” Mathienne replied.

They tied the horse to a lonely tree, with food and water, and continued to the outpost.

“Do you wanna to make some noise or do you wanna hide?” Amie asked the others regarding their approach to the outpost.

Upon entering the outpost Kadeen noticed that there were no tracks around the houses, but deducted that that was due the recent show. Some of the houses no doors, while two had closed ones. 

They entered a house without a door and found a primitive hearth in the center, as well as some empty beds. He looked for signs if the house was recently occupied, but no one lived here for at least a week. Suddenly they heard a *thud* sound coming from the outside, as if a door was slammed shut.

To be continued…

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