One-Shot Recap: “Into the Wilds*” Part Five

After arriving at the abandoned castle, they scouted out if there was a way into the castle without being noticed. Beldiin and Istton, the two Drow warriors whom they met on the road headed on the left, while our heroes headed on the right side of the castle.

Gustav peered into one of the windows that wasn’t too high, and was in awe as he saw the castle interior being almost intact. With a successful insight check he concluded that some powerful magic was keeping either the castle interior from crumbling, or making the castle exterior to look like an uninhabited ruin. The flickering lights came from torches lit all around the main hall, and he could see people of all races inside dancing! He spotted a young elven male who looked like a younger version of his patron and concluded that this must be Daleor. He was dancing with a female elf of dark, almost purple skin, a clear sign of the Drow.

“This must be the missing daughter that those two are searching for” he whispered to himself.

Speaking of whispers, the kenku assassin tried to climb at one of the upper towers to get a better look, but failed (with a really bad athletics check). He squawked to Gustav to return to the bushes where Strozen was waiting for them, and Gustav relayed to them what he saw.

They decided for a sneaky approach, or maybe try to act like they were part of this whatever-kind-of-ball-this-was but as they returned to the main door they saw the two Drow running inside blades in hand.

It was too late for another plan now, and our heroes decided to jump in the fight that was it seemed inevitable. As they drew their weapons, Alea came running, her longbow in hand, ready to join the fight! (The player who played Alea returned for the final confrontation)

They all entered a 60-by-60 feet great hall, with a large staircase on the back with a balcony on top. There were at least twenty people dancing to a strange music which seemed to come from everywhere, but they couldn’t see anyone playing any instruments. None of the dancers noticed them, they just continued to dance as mesmerized. Atop the balcony they could see one more pair of dancers, an elven male looking rather old, which Whisper automatically recognized as Luthias Wynzerios, the one responsible for abducting young Daleor. He was dancing with a woman who was human looking, but really pale, with red eyes and long fingernails. They seemed to be leading the dance, because when they made a move, everyone below the balcony followed in the same fashion.

One of the Drow warriors tried to walk up and separate the Drow girl from Daleor, and when he forcefully did so, she started screaming, and the music stopped!

Luthias and his companion were now looking at him, and with a flick of her wrist the pale woman made the Drow warrior drop to his knees, with his hands on his head. “No one interrupts our dance!” she said with a high-pitched voice that could be heard from every corner of the hall, and it echoed in our heroes heads, piercing like a thousand tiny needles.

Luthias just smiled with a full grin, obviously pleased with the development of the situation.

The music started again, now with a faster tempo, and every couple started to move again, except for four humans that transformed into werewolves and attacked the players and the two Drow. Every round, the remaining dancers shifted for a 5-foot square throughout the hall, and the players had to avoid getting them hurt while they deal with the werewolves. During the fight, one of the Drow fell, but was brought back up by Strozen just in time to kill of the last of the attackers.

“Hmm, it seems I’ve underestimated you. But not by much” Luthias said, and continued “Ophelia my dear, please show our ‘guests’ that they cannot simply barge in and ruin our night.”

“Gladly”, Ophelia replied.

She then hovered down from the balcony to the podium, scattering the remaining mesmerized dancers to the edges of the hall. As she landed her eye started to glow in a bright red color, she yelled “Dance with us!”

Fortunately, all of our heroes resisted the urge to dance, but Strozen said “I got a dance for ye, ya witch!” as he attacked her with his mace. After a couple of rounds, the party got the best of Ophelia, and just before a final blow was struck, they heard another voice, deep and looming, coming from the balcony.

“That’s enough! I grow tired if this game! You thought that I didn’t notice you, agent of house Leocyne?!” Luthias said as he turned his look toward Whisper.

“Well, if you want your precious elves, you would have to face me. I, Luzerios, haven’t had a good fight in years!”

As Strozen heard that name, his family’s tome suddenly went cold, as on ice.

“Wait, why did he call himself by that name?” Gustav turned to Strozen, but it was too late. The elf jumped to the center of the room, and with a large *thud* everyone was pushed back by 10 feet.

When they looked again, the elf spouted wings, his hands and feet turned to claws, and his head transformed into a reptile head with a heavily curved jawline with green diamond-shaped scales below the neck, with clusters of hornlets below the chin and above the brows.

“You will now face the might of Luzerios!” he roared as he exhaled a cloud of green gas towards them. All of our heroes were caught in the gas cloud, but not all were affected by the poison. They tried to avoid the dragon’s bites and claws, dodging them while trying to hurt the young green dragon with their weapons and spells.

After a few rounds, they managed to badly hurt the dragon, but they too were almost out of hit points. Alea managed to tear one of its wings with her arrows, and Gustav used his sword to great effect, slashing the abdomen of the beast. The two Drow warriors tried to flank the dragon, but were flung to the opposite sides of the hall, hitting their heads on the wall, falling unconscious.

It all came to one last round of combat. Both the dragon and the heroes were badly wounded. It was the dragon’s turn, and with one last attempt, he tried to recharge his breath attack… and got a 6!

He exhaled poisonous gas again, and it was too much for our heroes, even for Alea who was behind the lines, but not too behind to escape the poison. Our heroes fell…

Laying on the hall floor, all Gustav could do is open his eye for a couple of seconds, and all he heard were footsteps approaching him, and a female voice echoing inside his head:

“It seems you will join our dance after all…”

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