One-Shot Recap: “Into the Wilds*” Part Four

When last we left our heroes, Alea the Eladrin ranger left Strozen, Gustav and Whisper at a small camp in order to find her fellow rangers (in truth the player had to leave for a bit that night, but was back for the final scene). Gustav found a dancing light and was entranced by it and went in its direction. Whisper and Strozen tried to stop him to fall for the Will-o’-Wisp’s trap, but were met by a zombie that sprung up from the ground. Fortunately for the PCs, the undead spirit didn’t get the chance to use the consume life ability, and was dead soon enough, even though it tried to escape by becoming invisible. The zombie was more of a nuisance than anything else, but it managed to hit Strozen before it was killed off, for real this time.

They decided that they should continue even without Alea, for they knew the general direction in which they needed to go. Every now and then, Whisper would climb up a tree and scout out, to see if the coast was clear. They still couldn’t tell how much time has passed since their encounter with the undead, and the perpetual twilight of the Feywild did not help at all. However, they soon noticed another camp beside the road, with two Drow soldiers discussing something in a language neither of them could understand.

Crossbow in hand, Whisper stayed in the tree while Strozen and Gustav stepped out to try a diplomatic approach with the Drow, since they noticed (successful insight check) that the two soldiers were confused and arguing about something. “If push comes to shove, we still have Whisper to cover us from above.” Gustav said.

They walked to the Drow, and Strozen said in the common tongue: “It seems we’re not the only ones not from around here. May I ask where are you heading, fellow soldiers?”

The two Drow looked at him with a sour grin and finally one said, in an unfamiliar accent, but still understandable: “Ah, surface dwellers. Did your foul kind come to spy on us even here, in the Feylands? Is it not enough that you oppress us in our home realm, not allowing us to live by our tradition? I bet you dwarfs hunt us whenever you can, and present our heads as trophies! I will not allow that!”

Before he raised his rapier, Gustav stepped up: “Wait, please. We are not here to start a fight. We are fish out of water here, just as you. And we are missing a companion. Maybe you have seen her? We’ll be on our way and leave you to your business.”

“Hmm… I still don’t trust you, but I agree. What say you, Istton?” he looked at the other soldier, who nodded.

“I am Beldiin, and this is Istton, of House Arabth. We have been sent here to look for our Matron’s youngest daughter, she was gone missing for almost a month now.”
Istton said something to Beldiin, who translated: “You can call your bird friend now from the tree. We may be from the Underdark where trees do not grow, but we can still tell when something is in one.”

Whisper climbed down and squinted at the Drow.
“I am Gustav, my dwarven friend is Strozen, and this is Whisper. It seems we have a similar mission, you and us. We too are looking for a young high elf. We were accompanied by a denizen of the Feywilds, an Eladrin ranger by the name of Alea, but she went to find others of her kind. It may be best that we travel together from now on, they may be not as friendly to you as we are.”

“You humans really odd creatures. You want to befriend all other races anytime you meet them, but wage war among yourselves regularly. No wonder you don’t live long.”

The five continued close to the road, which turned into a path, and then in something barely resembling a trail. After a while, the climate of the region changed with the landscape. The trees got thinner and creepier, the ground resembled a marsh with a thick layer of mist near their feet, and twilight turned to night. And soon enough, in the distance they could see something that resembled a ruined castle, with dim lights coming from the window openings, and glimpses of shadows every now and then. They were far away to hear any voices, but decided to approach with caution. If this was indeed the place where the captives were, their captor was no doubt also here. They needed to be silent.

To be concluded…

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