One-Shot Recap: “Into the Wilds*” Part One


Silverymoon was always a city that welcomed all good races from the Realms, and has been a beacon of civilization in the northern wilderness known as The Silver Marches. However, recent years brought some changes – just three years ago, in 1369 DR, also known as the Year of the Gauntlet, Lady Alustriel Silverhand steps down as High Mage. Taern Hornblade, one of her senior advisors and leader of her Spellguard, succeeded her. With his ascension, Silverymoon became a city often patrolled by Eldtrich Knights, or warrior-mages, and crime dropped significantly, but this action was nor taken well by all the citizens of Silverymoon, as shady dealings often involved various guilds and nobles.

Our journey begins with our heroes summoned by Dalyor Leocyne, the head of an elven noble family of Silverymoon, and one of the heads of the Traders Guild. He was given a note that his son, Daleor, has been taken captive by Luthias Wynzerios, another elven noble seldom seen in the city as Hornblade has taken the mantle of High Mage. He demands an old debt to be repaid to him by Dalyor, or else he will never see his only son again. However, the elven noble used the resources he had left to find out that his son has been taken to the Feywild, a mirror-image of this realm, but chaotic, wild, filled with fey creatures who are not akin to our own customs. He has summoned his champions, a group of proven adventurers and allies who helped him in times past, and would do so again.

The first was his personal spy (and sometimes assassin), Whisper, a Kenku rogue specialized in stealthy missions, which this one would surely be. Their whole avian race was cursed in ages past, not allowing them to speak nor fly, and the only sound they could make was only a mimic of other sounds they have heard before. Luckily, Whisper is the silent type, and when he does speak (or rather, uses a learnt sound), there is always trouble near.

The second champion came from Citadel Felbarr, Strozen Irongate, a cleric of Berronar Truesilver, the dwarven goddess of hearth and home. After the dwarves retook Felbarr in 1367 DR, Strozen was the sole survivor of his clan. After the battle was over, he found his ancestral home, and within a hidden chest a tome with the lineage of the Irongates dating hundreds of years in the past. However, inside the tome, the essence of an ancestor remained, and now talks to Strozen sometimes, guiding him with the wisdom of generations past. He helped the Traders Guild in a past visit to Silverymoon, and was an ally of house Leocyne ever since.

The only human in the group was Gustav Forslund, named “Redsword”, as his weapon had a reddish tint to the blade. Originally from Neverwinter, he rode east in search of glory, and it seemed that left the city just in time – rumors of a horrible plague in Neverwinter spread across the North. Upon arriving in Silverymoon, he quickly befriended Strozen, as he reminded him of another dwarven friend, thought that one is a poet, or so he claimed to be. Gustav came with Strozen to Dalyor’s summons, because one more sword and shield always helps, right?

The last companion is one of Dalyor oldest friends, and the one who found out that his son was in the Feywild – because she is a denizen of it as well. Alea Songfall, an Eladrin, or the first of the elves, still everchanging as the seasons themselves, one of the Ranger of the Wilds, was to serve as their guide in the Feywild. Whimsical as the colorful clothes she wears when not on the hunt, Alea is fascinated with the food of Faerûn, and always takes a bit too much to bring back home whenever she return to her realm. However, she know that this was no time for lavish feasts, and foreign food had to come second… most of the time.

The four heroes gathered in the villa of house Leocyne on the outskirts of Silverymoon, awaiting Dalyor for further instructions.

To be continued…

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