One-Shot Recap: “Into the Wilds*” Part Three

As each of our heroes stepped through the opening in the tree, they felt a breeze not only on their skin, but in their mind as well. A slight lightheaded feeling overtook them, Gustav most of all, and for a moment his legs gave away. As he looked up, he saw unfamiliar tree canopies above him, and faint yellowish light coming through, but he couldn’t see the light source.

Alea helped him get back on his feet, and said “First time travelling to another realm? Don’t worry, you will get used to it… or wont… I can’t remember how it is with humans.”

“Thank you, Alea, for those words of encouragement… I think.” he responded.

Strozen has struck himself, as this was too much open space for him, and made him a bit nauseous. Te was used to cities, walls, and mountains on the horizon. Even the cramped space and claustrophobic ambient of the Underdark didn’t have this effect on him. “A strange world indeed.” he whispered, and one not for his kind, he thought.

Whisper was, as always, silent, and started to scout around to see if there was any immediate danger.

“Once again, welcome to the Land of the Fey, of as some of you may know it as the Feywilds. I wish it was on better circumstances.” Alea continued, now addressing everyone.

“This is Oldtree’s crossing, and it connects our two realms. Luckily for us, not many know of this portal, and our presence, as our mission, remains a secret.”

The Feywild was wild indeed. And too colorful. It seemed to be twilight, but as they continued north, the Sun (if there was a Sun here) did not set. They could still see light patches coming from what they perceived as west. They did not stay on the dirt road, but a bit to the west of it, and followed northwards for some time.

After an hour or two (neither Gustav nor Strozen could tell), they stopped.

Strozen asked Alea “Lady Ranger, you are native to this place. Is time as the same as in Faerûn? I cannot tell, all my senses disobey me here it seems.”

“Do not worry Strozen, time is different here. That is why we must make haste. If we are successful and return Daleor to his father, days or weeks may pass in Faerûn, even if we dwell here only a couple of hours. But do not worry, these time variations are usually rare.”

The tome in Strozen’s book suddenly felt cold to the touch, and he knew the spirits of his ancestors didn’t like this place neither. He gripped his mace, just in case.

“Friends, I must leave you for a moment, as I must find other Rangers, and they are not as welcoming to foreigners.” Alea said. “Please, do not wonder off too far without me.”

She then turned to Whisper. “You must be their eyes and ears while I’m gone. Your senses are the least affected by the Feylands.”

“Least!” Whisper squawked.

While waiting for Alea to return, they rest of the party set up a small camp. Strozen was reading his tome, Gustav was polishing his sword, and whisper climbed up the least tall of the trees.

Gustav saw a faint light in the bushes ahead, and nodded to Strozen in the light’s direction. It flickered left-and-right, almost as a lantern, and whenever they would look in its direction, it would dim for a second-two, and light up again, repeating the pattern.

“I’m not sure about this, lad.” Strozen said. “There are a lot of strange creatures here, and most of them do not like the likes of us, we’re after all fore…” but before he could finish his sentence, Gustav was already entranced with the dancing light, and started to walk towards it.

Whisper climbed down the tree and ran to Gustav, but before he could reach him, a hand sprung up from the ground, grabbing him by the talon and tripping him over. The light shifted from a warm yellow to a cold blue, and Gustav felt his hair stand on end as the air filled up with static.

Strozen, tome and mace in his hands, got to them just in time for the fight against the Will-o’-Wisp and the Zombie! Its initiative!

To be continued…

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