One-Shot Recap: “Into the Wilds*” Part Two

Soon after all were gathered, Dalyor Leocyne entered the main chamber of his villa, garbed in sullen, gray robes. He has all but lost all hope for his son, and therefore the future of house Leocyne. His reputation is the Traders Guild has fallen, and he has a seat at the council no more, or so the whispers say.

“Good, you’re all here. Whipser, my loyal friend, I’m sure you came here first, as usual. And Strozen of the Irongates, your support is always welcomed. I see you have brought a friend, good… good. We’ll need all the help we can get I’m afraid. What is your name, young man?” Dalyor asked Gustav.

He replied: “Redsword, sir. Or, that’s what they call me. Gustav’s my real name. Gustav Forslund. I rode from Neverwinter way of Nesme and the Evermoors. It’s safe now since the trolls have retreated.”

“And I’m guessing you got your name from that sword on your hilt? Red from all the blood it has spilled? You humans can sometimes be… not so inspiring in naming your weapons.”
“No, sir.” Gustav replied, and unsheathed his sword. “The metal has a red tint to it. You can see it even when there’s no sunlight.”

Dalyor stepped towards Gustav and took the sword. The blade was thicker than his arm, but still he held it with no effort shown. “You speak the truth, young human. This is unusual craftwork indeed. Reminds me of the weapons from Myth Drannor, before the Fall. If the circumstances were different, I would gladly buy that blade from you at any price. But now, alas, they only good that blade will do is to help get my son back. Use it well, Redsword.”

He then turned to an open door and said: “Adventurers, meet Alea Songfall. My oldest friend from a realm beyond our own. She is to be your guide in the Feylands. As an Eladrin, she is more than capable of handling herself there, but that place is foreign to the younger races.”

Alea Songfall was eating what seemed to be a cupcake, bad hastily put the rest of it in her mouth, and swallowed with a noticeable ‘gulp’. “Thank you for the introduction, Daylor. My fellow scouts came across the one you call Wynzerios when patrolling one of the known roads some time ago. They were in the shadows so he could not see them, as we Eladrin blend easily with the woods of the Wilds,” she said with a smile, and continued. “He had several men and women with him, some of them bound. I’m guessing your son was with them. They were headed north of the Oldtree’s crossing, towards the ruins of a human castle of all things. It was abandoned decades ago, but the scouts guess is that he is taking them there”.

Dalyor then stepped in. “This is your mission. Go to that castle and retrieve my boy. Alea provided us with a portal spell that would take you to the crossing, and you should continue north from there. I will provide you with a couple of healing potions that I have left, and a scroll or two, which might come in handy.”

He turned to Whisper. “Apart from Daleor, there is no need to take back or rescue others. He is the only one I care for now.”

“Elf!?” Whisper squawked.

“Ah yes, Wynzerios. If you can, get him here as well, preferably alive. The Guild can still have some use of him before he is dealt with.” He then turned to Strozen and Gustav. “After completing this task, you will be rewarded, by house Leocyne, and by the Traders Guild of Silverymoon as well. Now, make haste. Time does not work the same in the Feywild as here.”

Tree concept, by Ismay Verbeek

The four of them stepped outside the villa of house Leocyne and stood beside an old tree near two rocks. Alea grabbed some powder from her pouch and drew strange symbols in some kind of elven script on the bark. The roots shifted, and an opening came before them. They could feel a light breeze coming from the other side, and patches of light coming through. They stepped in.

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