One-Shot Recap: “Joining the Circus” Part Two

When last we left our heroes, they have obtained horses from two City guards named Rikard and Mortimer, and continued eastward to Longsaddle via the Neverwinter Wood. There was an option to follow the road south and around the woods, but they decided that it would be better to just go through the woods, even though it may be a more perilous journey. 


After riding the whole day without any mishaps (successful survival check were made), the group decided to camp in a small grove, with Captain Olora Tlintein taking the first watch by climbing on one of the nearby trees. Unfortunately for them, their camp got in the path of a band of orcs (1d4 + 2 orcs on a random encounter table), and a fight soon began. The orcs did not catch the party by surprise as a warning shot from the tree woke the party just in time. Captain Olora was still in the tree, and managed to snipe one orc with an arrow right in the forehead, taking him down instantly. Dee and Dalden got one orc as well, forcing the remaining two to flee.

The next day was spend on horseback when able, and when the forest path got thicker they had to continue on foot, with the horses behind them. Eventually, when the trees thinned, they came across an old hut, observed it for a bit, and decided to enter it in hopes of gaining some clues to Gir-Von whereabouts. The hut was seemingly empty, but only when they all entered it a cold breeze slammed the front door shut and the matron Agatha, the elven banshee came before them. 

When the undead demanded their business in her home, the players used their quick thinking to converse with the elven spirit in stead of battling her, which proven to be the better option. She informed them that the lad they seek (they convinced her that Gir-Von is a fugitive and needs to be brought back to justice) came to her two days ago and was very rude. She frightened him, causing him to flee to the east, apparently towards his destination. They ensures her that they will get to him, and she reached to a chest in the room to give them a polished transparent stone, instructing them to think of the one they pursue, and the stone will shine the way.

As the Sun set over the trees of Neverwinter Wood, the party found themselves near the settlement of Longsaddle. And as all parties do when they enter a new place, they entered the nearest inn, the Gilded Horseshoe. They have noticed that everyone is in a hurry and and excited for some reason, and didn’t mind the company of strangers in their little town. After two rations of dinner and three rounds of ale (the last round was for Delden only), the group found our that “the Flaming Twlight” will be indeed performing tonight, and tonight only.  Dalden took his last mug of ale to go as they rushed to the outskirts of the town, where a large tent has been erected.

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